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About TeliaOils

TeliaOils specializes in the supply of an extensive range of natural, conventional, and organic ingredients for supplements, cosmetics, fragrance and perfumery, and spa, massage, and aromatherapy applications.

Our range of products includes vegetable-seed oils, essential oils, floral waters (hydrolats), butter, perfumes, herb extracts, and herbal powders. Also included are bee wax, soaps, and a large selection of other natural ingredients for the development of personal care products.

Our product range is always growing and is driven primarily by customer requests.

We welcome and encourage you to let us know of any ingredients that you are seeking but are not able to locate via our Web site.



2009 established Teliaco Holding Ltd in Athens, Greece. Our company has grown into an internationally respected company with a well-earned reputation as a supplier and specialist in certified high-quality pure organic seed oils, essential oils, and natural products.

2011 established Teliaco Holding Ltd in Cyprus.

2013 TeliaOils began as a producer of cold-pressed seed and fruit oils. We began to produce high-quality Flax, Pomegranate, Milk thistle, Black cumin, and Pumpkin oils. Now, able to supply and produce organic oils, we soon became a producer and supplier not only to the food market but also to the cosmetics market. We quickly discovered opportunities for bottled oil and private labeled oils and took the initiative to invest in a bottle filling and labeling line gaining several brands instantly.

2015 established in USA, TeliaOils LLC


About Our Team

Our team is committed to working together for providing the best possible customer experience and service. We are always striving to improve our products, our systems, and our service levels, and we invite you to provide feedback at any time.


Our Values

We acquire and sell our products with honesty and integrity, with the overriding objective of offering our customers,

•Outstanding Service,

•Exceptional Quality Products,

•Great Value for Money

We truly believe, "It's what's inside that counts."

So, inside every bottle, you will find products we are proud of. Every item in our range meets our rigorous selection criteria and quality control standards


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